TouchMountain: Frequently Asked Questions

We know that using an augmented reality app might be a bit confusing some time. This site should answers the most frequently asked questions by users. If you still have some open questions after reading this, you can always contact us via email. We are here to help!

What is TouchMountain? Who should use TouchMountain?

TouchMountain is the ideal tourist-guide for everyone with a Windows Phone in the mountains. See peaks around you or around a chosen position, search for peaks, instantly share everything and see informations about almost every peak in the world! TouchMountain is the perfect tool for hikers, climbers, bikers, other outdoor athletes and everyone who just likes mountains!

What kind of information do I get of every mountain?

If available, you see a huge bunch of information of every peak:

You can see GPS informations like the distance to the peak, it's elevation, GPS coordinates and also location specific information like continent, area, etc.

In the webcams pivot you see a screenshot of live webcams around your mountain. Click on them to see details, zoom in or save a screenshot.

In the weather section we offer you a selection of weather information like dew point, temperature, air pressure and more of a nearby weather station.

You can also read whole extracts of nearby wikipedia articles.

You can always share a mountain, get the navigation to the peak, save it as a favourite to find it faster or see it together with all other informations on the map.

In future releases, we plan to show even more information.

How can I use TouchMountain without my data connection?

In the settings, you have the possibility to download all available mountains of a country of your choice. If you downloaded a country, the requests are locally handled on your phone which usually is much faster and doesn't need an internet connection. Informations like live webcams or the current weather clearly require a good internet connection. It's recommended to store only those countries you actually need, because the app gets slower the more mountains you have saved. We also advise you to use a WiFi connection to download the country packages.

Why should I buy TouchMountain?

TouchMountain is the ultimative tourist-guide in the mountains. It offers you a giant variety of information of every peak. Before you buy the full version with all the great features TouchMountain offers, you can try it for free. If you want to download all peaks of a country to your phone and use the functionality with distances further than 5 kilometers, you need to pay a little fee. By buying TouchMountain, you also support the further development of TouchMountain (i.e. updates and new features). Thank you!

I'd like to share my location or a mountain

No problem. You can easily share your location or a selected mountain by clicking "share". You can share it to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Windows Live. Usually, we offer you a little text for instant sharing, but you can also edit it, if you like.

How can I stay up to date?

In the app, please go to "app news". There, we always keep you informed on updates, new features and possible problems. You can also find tips and tricks in this section. Additionally, cou can follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

TouchMountain crashed. How can I help improve TouchMountain?

We are interested in improving this app and removing as many errors as we can. The more precise you describe the observed disfunctionality, the higher the chance we could fix them. You can report an error in the support section of the app. Thank you for your help! We also really appreciate any good reviews or if you tell your friends about TouchMountain.

TouchMountain doesn't find all mountains.

Sometimes not all mountains are saved in our database. You can easily add a peak by clicking on "add a peak" on the main page. Thank you for making our database more complete!

Why are some requests a bit slow?

If you didn't change your settings, every request goes over the internet and also uses your data connection. Depending on your current location and the signal strength, this could be very slow. But we have a solution: You can download all available mountains for a country of your choice to the phone! See the question "How can I use TouchMountain without my data connection?" for more details.

Attention: Downloading too many countries to your phone may slow up everything. If you think that the requests are too slow, we advise you to clear your database (settings > offline usage).

What are the system requirements?

Your Windows Phone needs to have a digital compass to use the Live View (Augmented Reality) and Map View. Unfortunately, there are many lower-cost devices, which do not have an compass in-built and can therefore not use TouchMountain. These are: Nokia Lumia 435, 510, 520, 525, 530, 535, 550, 610, 620, 625, 630, 635, 640, ZTE Orbit, LG Optimus 7, HTC Radar/8S, and maybe others.

We successfully tested TouchMountain on the Nokia Lumia 730, 800, 820, 830, 900, 920, 930, 1020, the HTC Trophy/Mozart/8X/One and Samsung Ativ S.

Please contact us via email in case you have questions.

I have more questions.

No problem. We really like to get feedback. Please ask your question by sending us an e-mail via support section of the app or directly via e-mail. Thanks!

What can I do in the Live View?

In the Live View, you can look through your phone camera and see all nearby mountains labelled. Hold your Windows Phone in front of you and look through the camera directly to the mountain of your interest. Click on the small or the big eye (buttons) in order to change the current sector of your view (distance delta). You see the most important information in the information-panel with the binoculars. This information-panel contains the boundaries of the current view sector as well as the number of peaks farther or nearer your location. A click on a label opens a mini-hub which displays a first selection of information to this mountain. Click on the mini-hub to see all available details like GPS data, webcams, weather or live cams. If you have a question or do not know what to do, you can click on the question mark sign that will guide you through the most important features of the Live View.

How do I use the Live View?

When you start the Live View, the app has to determine your location, find all the peaks around your position and calculate their position on your phones screen. Depending on your phone, the position and your app's settings. This usually takes between 5-15 seconds. After the calculations you can discover all the peaks in your surroundings. The first time you start the Live View, a very short guide gives you important instructions on how to use the Live View. Please read it carefully. If you want to see it again, you can always click on the question mark icon in the AppBar.

You probably need to practice a little, but with a bit of routine, you will see, that using the Live View is really intuitive and fun. If you still have problems in using the Live View or other questions, feel free to contact us via email.

Why are the mountains sometimes plotted imprecisely?

Some possible problems:

  • The mountain data could probably be imprecise. You could help improve the data, see "Why is not every mountain marked?"
  • You should avoid any kind of disruption (jamming).
  • In order to get the best results, the GPS signal has to be good and we advise you to download the mountain data of your current country (see settings).
  • Additionally, you get the best results with a phone which has a gyro-sensor.
  • Please avoid moving while using the Live View to get the most accurate results.
  • You could also shake your phone to reset the sensors.
  • If you still have problems, feel free to contact us by sending us an e-mail via support section of the app or directly via email.
  • Notice: Your Windows Phone needs to have a digital compass to use the Live View (Augmented Reality). Unfortunately, there are some devices (e.g. LG Optimus 7, Nokia Lumia 430/435/510/520/525/530/535/610/620/625/630/635, ZTE Orbit, HTC Radar/8S) Motion API correctly - so the Live View is probably not working as expected.

Why does the live view sometimes lag?

The calculations are the more complex the more mountains there are around you. Sometimes the phone just needs some moments to finish the calculations. We also advise you, to buy a second generation device. These have the better hardware and more power in order to give you the unique experience TouchMountain offers.

Why is not every mountain marked?

You can use the small and the big eye (Button) to change the current view area (search radius). Sometimes not all mountains around your location are available in our database. Please add missing mountains here. If you have downloaded all mountains for a country you can also try to find more mountains by clicking on the load-additional-mountains icon. A web request which uses your data connection is started to search for additional mountains.

Why do I get an error by trying to use Live View?

If you click on Live View and a message shows up which navigates you back, your phone doesn't achieve the system requirements needed to use the Live View. Your Windows Phone must support the motion API (which includes the need of a compass and an accelerometer or a gyro-sensor). But you can use all other features without any constraints!

What can I do in the Map View?

In the Map View, you see a pushpin for every available mountain around your location or a position of your choice. If you started a search, you can also see the results on the Map View. To see some interesting details, just click on the mountain of your choice. If there are a lot of peaks around a place, they are grouped together (the pushpins with the numbers). If you zoom in, you will be able to also recognize this peaks. If you click on such a group-pushpin you will see a list of peaks it contains.

How can I set a custom position in the Map View?

Navigate through the map by swyping and pinching and hold for about 2 seconds on the place to set the custom pushpin.

Do you have any other questions?

No problem. We would love to help you via email.